Fix Your Refrigerator When It’s Not Cooling

If your fridge is not cooling for a few unknown purpose, you could follow this step-via-step manual to detect the problem and attach it yourself. The manner is pretty easy and can be performed using some easy equipment.

Required Tools

Ratchet/socket set
Write cutter/stripper

Required Materials

Condenser/Evaporator Fan


When a fridge fails to hold your ice cream frozen or milk cold, understand that there can be distinctive reasons. Before you comply with advanced techniques, we advocate which you strive some clean fixes first.

• Make positive that the unit is plugged in and the mild turns on upon opening the door
• Check the fridge thermostat to ensure it is working
• The backside vents ought to no longer be clogged with frozen veggies or ice cream packing containers.
• Use a vacuum cleaner to hoover the coils as clogged coils may be the perpetrator
• The condenser fan must spin freely and shouldn’t be stuck. All you need to do is unplug the equipment and pull the condenser out. Also, clean the blades of the fan and rotate it via hand to look if it’s operational. Put it returned, switch on the refrigerator and notice if it runs satisfactory.